CaskHunters is going to Cognac!

Are you a Cognachouse that would like to enter the Norwegian market with your brand?
Or do you have a barrel with something special & wish to receive the honour for making it, but you don’t have your own brand? Or do you have something truly special inside a demi-john, but you don’t think it’s not enough to make a special release of? 
In short, do you have something special in your cellar, that you want to get credits for making it and sell it to a consumer that truly understands what effort you have put into it? 
If so, then the Norwegian cognac market is for you. Our consumers knows quality! Our cognac market is mature & stable. Our consumers understand the effort you & your ancestors have put into creating something special. They truly appreciate it!
If this is interesting for you, please follow the 5-step plan:
  • Pour some small samples (preferably from 5cl to 10cl). Please don't give us more than this. We will be in contact for a bigger sample if we are considering importing your brand or releasing your product in a special bottling. 
  • Provide us a litre price or cl price.
  • Provide us the standard information about your product:  Distillation/bottling date or age , Cru/Blend, percentage of alcohol , etc etc 
  • Please provide us with your contact information so we can get in contact with you. 
  • Please deliver it to "La Maison de Bastian" in Cognac centre.
  • We are available at "La Maison de Bastian" at these times:
  • Friday 15th March at 19:00 until 21:00
  • Saturday16th March at 10:00 until 12:00

Any questions?

Please call: +47 92420109 / +47 94059905

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