Tesseron Cognac have selected CaskHunters

It is with a great deal of excitement & honour that we now can announce that Tesseron Cognac have selected CaskHunters AS as their new partner in Norway. This is related to their wish to truly honour their familys slogan “Tesseron Cognac – XO & beyond”.

We in CaskHunters do not only support this slogan, we are going to take it even further. We are going to focus on the products where Tesseron is unbeatable; their very old & ancient qualities. We don’t know of any family owned Cognac producer that have such emensive stock of ancient Cognac. Their stock is beyond impressive! 
We are bold & wish to state following;

Tesseron have probably the largest stock of ancient spirit IN THE WORLD !
Elisabeth, Odd-Tore & Andreas
Founders of CaskHunters AS

If we are wrong in our statement, please make contact with us and tell us who has a larger stock.

Needless to say, Tesseron Cognac is epic and they are therefore filling our high-end segment. 
We hope that you share our enthusiasm about this wonderful brand and if not,  please give us the opportunity to convince you. It might become EXTREME & MASTERFUL. 

For more information about Tesseron Cognac: