Grateaud Cognac have selected CaskHunters

It is with a great deal of passion & excitement that we now can announce that Grateaud Cognac have selected CaskHunters AS as their partner in Norway.  

The Grateaud family have 41 hectares in the Borderies area and are one of the very few producers within the area that have a good amount of old cognac in stock and are selling this under their own brand. 

The Borderies cru are the smallest cru in Cognac. Its style is popular in blends and especially attractive for one of the major commecial brands in Cognac. Therefore, pure borderies are not that common and 100% old pure borderies are actually quite rare.  

Within the Borderies Cru; I can't think of a producer that delivers higher "quality vs price" ratio than Grateaud, when you are looking for a 30-40+ years old cognac.
Andreas Husby
CEO - Caskhunters As

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