Navarre Cognac have selected CaskHunters

It is with a great deal of passion, excitement and curiosity that we now can announce that Navarre Cognac have selected CaskHunters AS as their partner in Norway.  

The Navarre family have only 11 hectares in the Grand Champagne area and can for sure be defined as a small artisanal/craft producer. Jacky Navarre is doing everything from maintaining the vineyards to bottle and promote his unique products himself. To be able to produce a such level of quality, in all the production phases by himself, we find it nothing less than extraordinary.   

Personally I think Navarre is making exceptional quality cognac and his single barrels are extremely interesting. Despite that, I find his very old white Pineau des Charentes (25 years old) even more impressive in terms of quality versus price. Pineau haven't really been a thing in Norway, hopefully Jacky Navarre's Pineau will change that.
Andreas Husby
CEO - CaskHunters As


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