Giboin Cognac have selected CaskHunters

It is with a great deal of hope, convincion and enthusiasm that we now can announce that Giboin Cognac have selected CaskHunters AS as their partner in Norway. 

The family have 8 hectares in the Fins Bois (FB) cru and 14 hectares in the Borderies (B) cru.
All of them is planted with Ugni Blanc, except 2 hectares with Merlot in the Borderies. 

We have to be honest, this partnership have been established under extraordinary circumstances. We were planning to visit their domain spring 2020. So we could taste and consider what products we should select for the Norwegian market. Then COVID-19 happened and made this visit impossible.

So what did CaskHunters do? 
We did something we have never done before. We ordered a pallet without tasting their products / vintages. 
Crazy!? Yes, we agree… However, that just shows how much we believe in the quality of their Cognac and trust the people behind it.

So now it up to the Norwegian consumers to decide; 

What Vintage do you like the most? 
They are all extremely unique, so just depends what your preference is. 

Or maybe the standard selection is your thing?

Available products at Vinmonopolet: