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We are three Norwegians with great passion for Cognac, Champagne and Wine.


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Caskhunters AS was founded October 2018 by three passionate and dedicated individuals.
Together they are representing about 25 years of experience within sales, running their own business and conducting sensory analysis of alcoholic beverage.

Andreas is the typical “Hardcore Cognac Enthusiast” | CEO 
The last decade he has spent most of his spare time searching for hidden Cognac treasures. Treasures that is of an exceptional quality, which truly honors it’s soil and the craft that has been inherited for several generations. During his time he has visited more than 100 cognac-producers, barrel makers and distilleries. He has also started up several social media pages, communities, blogs and published two “12 Cognac houses you should know of!” calendars. Everything was made with the intention to shift the spotlight from the major brands, to the producers that truly delivers exceptional quality. Resulting in one extensive collection of his many Cognac favorites.

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Social media: CognacFan @ Instagram  &  CognacFan Andreas @ Facebook
Old Blog:          www.cognacfan.no 
Community:    Cognac-Forum

Elisabeth is a Cognac, Champagne and Wine enthusiast | Partner & Boardmember
She is married to Odd-Tore, and together they are CognacChampagneCouple in social media.
They have an extensive Cognac and Champagne collection and regularly do blind tastings and blind smellings to better understand the beverages and improve their tasting- and smelling skills.
Elisabeth has owned her own company for more than 7 years and knows what it takes to run a successful company. She performs craftwork, were precision is highly needed. This gives her a good understanding of the importance- and the challenges of the craftwork.
She is great at connecting with people and is highly trustworthy, which is necessary when doing business.
Elisabeth has been to France, mainly Cognac and Epernay (Champagne), several times over the last 6 years. Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Greece are among other countries she has been to, looking for wine and other drinks.

Odd-Tore is Elisabeth’s husband, and together they have cultivated their passion for Cognac, Champagne and Wine for a long time Chairman 
He has been member of and involved in cognac clubs for many years and he has arranged several Cognac tastings and held presentations on the amazing world of Cognac.
Odd-Tore has worked with sales for several years. He is co-owner of Elisabeth’s business and has run other companies. This put together gives him a solid foundation for understanding the importance of listening to the customer and knowing what the customer needs. During his years of working with sales he has seen the need for a close and good relationship with his suppliers. This is something he will bring with him when Caskhunters are working with the producers.
Odd-Tore has been to France 1 – 2 times each year the last 6 years, mainly Cognac and Epernay (Champagne). Like Elisabeth, he has also travelled to other countries looking for great beverages.

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Social media: CognacChampagneCouple @ Instagram & CognacChampagneCouple @ Facebook